Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I never heard of "Haryana"

Today i waited for my train 20+ minutes both side..

And a very disappointing event happened..
I dropped by an Indian to ask him if he could understand the announcement in German, broadcasting the reason for train's delay..

Then as usual..Where are you from..
Stranger:I am from Tamil Nadu..
Are you from Punjab..
Pooja: No. I am from Haryana..

Stranger: I don't know Haryana..never heard of it..
Pooja(with anger on her face): You don't know one of the states of India..
Stranger(with blind confidence): I don't knoooooooooooow.........I am from Tamil Nadu..
Pooja: sign of utter disappointment..

I go back to my seat!!!!

What a sheer disappointment....
Well, i am also no better.....
Sometimes i also behave like a naive..
And sometimes..even i fail to improve even after a dozen reminders..

To quote one of them,,, when i keep on moving my hands to n fro while talking..
And this has really increased after i have started communicating with Germans..
When hands' moments remain the only easy way to communicate..

In India, i used to get so many reminders from my family members that this is surely not the right way..
But i never wanted to get rid of this bad habit.. as i cld not trace any reason for not doing it..

A few days back, my frd gave me a good logic..and i surely accept it..

When in ur sub-conscious mind, you find yourself short of words..you tend to use ur hands..
So the best way to control this habit is to improve your vocab..
Watch readers on BBC CNN..
Read more and more..

I surely take this advice ..the one with a logic..
And i hope i improve upon this...

Rather i feel, every small task that we do from brushing our teeth..to hugging our nephew niece..to attending a phone call..to cleaning utensils..to listening a song...to passing a smile..to cooking some tasty food.. everything shd be done with all our heart..there shd be no void inside or outside..

From music i remember..

I have recently started liking one song a lot:

The boulevard of broken dreams: Green Day


I walk a lonely road

The only one that I have ever known

Don't know where it goes

But it's home to me and I walk alone


I walk this empty street

On the boulevard of broken dreams

Where the city sleeps

And I'm the only one and I walk alone

I walk alone I walk alone

I walk alone I walk a-[CHORUS:]

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me

My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating

Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me

'Till then I walk alone

I'm walking down the line

That divides me somewhere in my mind

On the border line of the edge

And where I walk alone..................

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