Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vocab Check !

An action -packed mail from one of my friends Ankur Gupta, made me a complete net-ad for the day..

He sent me this interesting link..

A wonderful way to do a social service and at the same time benefiting to the under privileged..!
And above all it works as a vocab check too..
Unleash the fun with words and do let me know your scores ..
For me, it hovered around 19-27...
So,all you Reader's Digest vocab section "Points to Ponder" fanatics..
Here is another challenge for you..
Lets see how much you donate!

And you know, what is the best part..
With every correct answer, you donate 10 grains of rice..
I just donated 1120 grains of rice...isnt it cool..

Wish you oodles of good luck..

Kudos to the master mind behind this brilliant idea...
And many thanks to Ankur for sharing this link with all the "word" aficionados around the world who keep a desire to help the needy without spending much of their time..

And yah ..dont forget to share your scores..


Rohit said...

Nice site Puju...I was roaming between 36 to 39....

pilot-pooja said...

I have donated 6010 grains by now..
A great feeling!!

Amita..... said...

great link Pooju!!! started with only 310 grains... ll continue for sure ......................

Thank you very much!!

you can add this link into the left panel of your blogpage as well!!

pilot-pooja said...

Amy Dost..
I am quite sure you will make it big!!!
Thank you so much :-))
Share ur vocab score too!!

Jungle Mom said...

It was good to see your comment on my site. Are you in India or Germany?

pilot-pooja said...

I am in Germany this year..
Will be in India in the first quarter of 2008..
Will be really happy to meet you sometime!

pilot-pooja said...


Dost..Your orders have been executed..
Added this link in the left panel :-))

Amita..... said...

oh, that's cool Pooju...
So far my vocab is 3*320 :)
I am playing in steps of 320 grains :)

pilot-pooja said...

Thats great Amy dear..

Anonymous said...

happy thanks giving to you.

pilot-pooja said...

My donated grain count has crossed 8000 :-))
This is really a great thing to work on!

pilot-pooja said...

I have donated 12000 grains by now..What a wonderful feeling!!

And you know what is the best part..after you cross 8000 mark, with every correct word you start donating 20 instead of 10 grains!!

pilot-pooja said...

Touched 16500 today!!!