Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What makes you unique ~

Sorry for not actively blogging since a month..got busy with two books..

Ahha what post number do i see...75..
YES………this is true..I and my beautiful blog have shared 74 wonderful posts or shall i say 74 heart-rending moments, giving me a reason to celebrate my blog’s DIAMOND jubilee…Hurrah!!!!!

Robert Cialdine's INFLUENCE..has really left a mark on my mind..

Isn’t it that all of us are so alike..we think alike..we act alike ..we are born alike and in the end we die alike..!
How blindly we love to follow our religion without even knowing its exact roots/\..
How we all love our parents from the core of our hearts ...
And again it is we only who get so engrossed with our own lives, that we make them feel like strangers in their own house ..^
How in our sub-conscious minds, we look for approval from society for our own spouse/boyfrd /galfrd..)
How thoughtlessly we underestimate the person standing in front of us, and then later realize that he/she also did the same mistake as you….
How happy we make our dear ones feel when we gift them from our first salary..
How in our childhood days we all love to be a part of that renowned playing group, and to be able to snatch a sugarcane or two from that slow running tractor..
How we used to keep our siblings occupied when we had to rehearse for our first dance competition/ declamation contest..

& as we start growing mature or old, don’t know what to say..we find it so hard to accept that I and not the other person could be wrong!

These HOWS are now echoing loudly in my mind….

Was watching yesterday “ WER WIRD MILLIONAR” on a German channel “RTL”..and it appeared to be an exact replica of “ KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI” on STAR PLUS..was wondering who copied whom!

One of my dear friends Ruchi, sent me a wonderful link once..

It talks of attitude, and how it makes you different from the other..
Please pour in your ideas to help all understand this phenomenon better.

How much pain and pressure we can endure, differentiates us from our peers..
How much criticism we can positively take from others..

How much we want to amend our wrong doings..
How long we can hold to our moral values..
& how much paradigm shift we can experience in our own thoughts to overcome our mental barriers..

Last Diwali, when I met my family members, they asked me to reorder a bag having 6 abstract nouns, according to the priorities I have set in my life..

Carrier, Family, Friends, Hobbies, Money & Status..

The catch point is- all these 6 are mutually exclusive..
Then list them according to your priorities..
After customizing this abstract bag, I could somewhere feel an answer to my HOWS…how they make me unique and for that matter everybody unique..

How uniquely we all listen to our heart..

For Listening is an art…
Life becomes all the more pretty when we don’t just listen to our own heart…but from the core of our heart we absorb everything what another heart wants to say..

For your heart never beats for you..
It always beats for someone else…..


Neera said...

That was a touching and deep thought.

All i will say is i loved reading ur blog and i love ur openness.

Anonymous said...

good thoughts!


pilot-pooja said...

Thanks RR!

Share your link too!

Amita..... said...

Congratulations Poojuuu!!!

Nice post!!!

pilot-pooja said...

Thanks a lot dear for your motivation!

I find myself often attracted to your intelligence n sweetness!

Anjali Damerla said...

Thanks Pooja for leaving a comment on my Supreme Spice blog.
I am visiting your blog for the first time and I find it very different, informative and intellectual. Good job. Will be visiting more often :)

Jungle Mom said...

Congratulations and Merry Christmas!!!

pilot-pooja said...

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

pilot-pooja said...

Thanks a lot Anjali!

Infact,i found yours so informative.
Will love to visit it often!
Good Day!

Amita..... said...

That is such sweet comment :)) Same here !!!! I am always grateful to have you as my friend :)