Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tuned to 2008 ?

Countdown to 2008 has surely begun..

Time to evaluate the current year and to hope the best for the next year..!!

On a personal front, the convolution of body, mind and heart is surely in for 2008..

2007... Surely one of my best years ( though i often end up saying this every year :-D)..!

To comment better, let me recall the worst and best happenings of 2007 which caught my attention..

Picking the rosy stems first!

  1. India's win in the T-20 World Cup has surely added a lot of glory to the Indian Cricket...

  2. Sudoku championship 2007 by TOI in the first quarter brought lot of champions to limelight..
  3. The Sensex made history by crossing 20K points on oct 29, wondering what next!!

  4. Formula 1 moving out of Europe and India all set to host F1 in 2009...Good Luck..FORCE INDIA!!!!!

  5. The Indo-US nuclear deal signed to benefit both the nations and perhaps to the environment too!!

  6. Vodafone acquires Hutch-Essar, giving a boost to their world-wide network and India's telecom market.

  7. CNN honors heroes worldwide for their courageous acts which made a difference to millions of lives!

  8. Canon's SLR digicams sale touched 30 -million mark..A great achievement & truly deserving!!

  9. YouTube became the most popular free online video streaming service and how so many brands are successfully sold on it..

  10. Last but not the least, Om Shanti Om made quite big not only in Asia but in all the continents, thus uplifiting Bollywood's otherwise sagging spirits ..

The other side of the coin contrasts equally tragic though!

  1. Bob Woolmer's murder mystery surely highlights the victims of cricket betting!

  2. The Iraq War: The sad demise of humanity and how 5 -year old Yossif's face was savagely burnt by 3 policemen with gasoline..
  3. Earthquake disaster in Bangladesh, exposing humans as helpless entities in front of natural calamities..
  4. £26.5 million Northern Bank robbery in England, wondering whom to trust in this era..!
  5. Loss of an eminent personality in the field of literature: Sidney Sheldon , he died of pneumania.
  6. Maine couple charged with kidnapping their own daughter...racism being the motive behind this plot..!
  7. A significant fall of dollar led to serious imbalances in the US economy..wondering will it continue to fall ?
  8. The series of Bollywood flops in 2007 came as a huge shock for many !
  9. Series of famines in Africa, and the widespread sufferings and deaths they caused..
  10. On a funny note, Sachin Tendulkar missed so many centuries!
I would love if my blog readers share their ups and downs in 2007..!

Hoping 2008 brings out more of mavericks..
Quoting Laura Bush's statement..
"We may have commercialised the festival of lights "Xmas"..but not our values .."

Loads of good luck for the coming year°
Happy 2008!!


Jungle Mom said...

On the down side I had to leave Venezuela after 20 years due to the government of Hugo Chavez.

Jungle Mom said...

oops! I forgot the upside!
I had a new grand daughter born in July!!!

mobile said...

Hi Pooja,

Nice post ! I blog at

Interesting to see that you are working in telecom

pilot-pooja said...

Many many congratulations dear Jungle Mom on becoming grand Mom..

I came to know from ur blog that your son recently got engaged too..!
My heartiest best wishes to him on his new journey!!

On the down side, i can understand how painful it must have been..
But i am quite sure that you must have faced it quite boldly!

pilot-pooja said...

Hi Varun!

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Please share tips and interesting topics which can be useful for all mobile enthusiasts!

Thanks & good luck!

jassi said...

this was n imp yr as i started earning back again! n just b4 i did I managd to study mgmt in France, which was awesome! luvd the class room discussions. then i got a old yet new friend back from this blog only n by dec, my sis got engaged!

on downside - google, adobe rejctd my cv for marketing posts saying i had a bit less of exp; French tour got me in nice debt but worst of all we lost one of our class mate 4m del to river Ganga.