Sunday, January 20, 2008

Outsourced Oxymorons

I ‘ve come across some interesting phrases recently , some of them I’m listing below:

Friend’s profile on Orkut: " My idea of a perfect first date" : First date & perfect: C’mon :/))

Mini-Europe reminds us of the forgotten memories revolving around European civilisation .

Kareena Kapoor’s much awaited comments on this burning topic finally kills the deafening silence.

The dry pond near the Lion’s museum has recently become a suicide point for the draught victims.

You need to assign a constant variable in the code with its value set to 6.

He is extremely neutral when it comes to discussing the family matters.

The smart kid picked the bigger half as soon as the apple was cut into two.

Tensions pertaining to the existing oil policies are still ongoing in the Middle East.

My boss behaves awfully good while dealing with German clients.

It’s burning cold here nowadays with night temperature touching -15.

All these figures of speech have one thing in common:
Yes…you guessed it right..
these contradictory words appearing together..

While the usage of oxymoron is often quite delectable, but at times it can be equally degrading.

I sometimes really wonder, why is the English language made like this at all…
Its syntax could have been structured much more simpler..

Especially this alphabet system…add one to an existing word and it just twists the meaning:

Ice -> Dice

Roof -> Proof

Able -> Fable

Love -> Glove

Night -> Knight

Bony -> Ebony

Heel -> Wheel

Ray -> Fray

Any -> Zany

He -> She

Well, the usage is complex but is pleasing in its own way..
English is surely the most common language across the world and a very sweet language this phrase " Tears of Joy"…the most loved tears…
When Human Species is itself so complex, it surely needs a highly evolved medium to express itself..

I just can’t stop remembering Mark Medlock’s & Dieter Bohlen’s composition " Unbelievable":

It's not the way you smile in the morning

It's not the way you kiss me tonight

It's not the way you smile when you're yearning
It's not the way you hold any tight

Words can't express

they cannot express what you mean to me..

You're unbelievable, irresistable

I can't believe my eyes when I'm with you

You're unbelievable
you're just incredible
and i can't can't breath without you

can't breath without you!

It's not the way we spendnights together
It's not the way you looking at me

It's not the way you say

It's forever
ever or will be will be.......


Anjali Damerla said...

I myself have used some of the interesting phrases you listed in your post. But till today, never realized that I was using contradictory words in 1 sentence :)

pilot-pooja said...

Hello Anjali!
How are you doing..
Sweet profile pic!!

You are so right..I too use a lot of them daily..))

I really want to learn some of your delicious recipies!

Jungle Mom said...

My children are trilingual and some times do not get the English idioms.
Such as;
How can something be 'little big'? Or they ask about "americanisms".
Why do we drive on a 'parkway' and park on a 'driveway'?
Why is a package sent overseas via a boat called 'cargo' but a box delivered by truck is a 'shipment'?
I don't know!

pilot-pooja said...

Too good dear!!

Children must be having a real tough time with these idioms..!

But soon just like us, they'll also start loving them :-))

Guten Tag!!

Amita..... said...

Good 'n Smart Observation Pooju !!

Guten Tag!!

pilot-pooja said...

Ahha Wishes in German...
Thank you so much my dear Amy!!