Friday, April 11, 2008

The Invisible Stranger….

This mirage echoes a sound, the one i wish to hear & hear,
Finding an unknown always around, i see no one else so near!

Like every twinkling star, my heart contracts n expands with fear..
Am i in love with an invisible stranger, the one my heart finds so dear..?

I want to give you all my lives, dazzling with unending cheer ~
For you fill up my senses, in the budding spring of this special year..

Every flower looks so fresh, perhaps amazed by its own glitter..
My left cheek blossoms in red, with innocence pouring out on the peer.!

How do i justify this feeling, filling every corner of my air..
When my God wants me to love all the same, even while shedding my most precious tear ..(

Will the world term it a sacrifice, if they can’t see you with me here!
For i am so incomplete , without your incessant melodies of love and care…
-- A tribute from my side for the purest love of Radha Rani for her Lord Krishna !


Mukul said...

Brilliant as usual....though I m not that religious, so will not get into deeper meaning.

Jas said...

Great post, I have always believed that what Bhagwad Gita tells for selflessness and forgiveness, makes u be at peace within yourself. And it's never what you have got outside but what is running inside that matters.

Anonymous said...

very nicely written...your devotion is is your heart...may lord be with you...


Neera Bansal said...

What a wonderful poem Pooja..
I am really amazed to read it!!

pilot-pooja said...

Thanks Mukul..I loved the new widgets on ur blog..)

Thanks a ton Jas, so true r ur words..The inner words define our outer acts!!

pilot-pooja said...

Hey my loveliest Sis..

Welcome back to my blog after so long..

Janne kitne diono ke baad gali mein aaj aapke naam ka chand nikla..))

So happy to hear you liked my creation..

I loved this one too..)

pilot-pooja said...

Hi RR,

Güten Tag!

So happy so hear such nice words from ur side..

I will always strive my best to give value to ur blessings..

Many Many thanks!!

God Bless all!

Amita..... said...

A Brilliant work Pooju!! Hats off to you!! It depicts the creative, intelligent and innocent Pooju!! :))

Keep writing!!!!!!!!!!

pilot-pooja said...

Thank you so much my sweetie pie Amy!!

Luv you lots my best friend!!

Anjali Damerla said...

Hi Pooja,
Wanted to tell you abt my article on Mahanandi ( Check it out. I write series of articles on spices for that blog. Just wanted to let you know so can get your opinion on it :)