Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This Year's Love

This years love had better last
Heaven knows it's high time

And I've been waiting on my own too long
But when you hold me like you do

It feels so right
I start to forget

How my heart gets torn
When that hurt gets thrown
Feeling like you can't go on ...

-David Gray

Countdown has surely begun..

With 11 days left to bid good-bye to my Düsseldorf, am not really sure if my current mode is introvert or extrovert..)
Guess inside every introvert, there’s an extrovert fighting to move out and be appreciated,
just like inside every extrovert, there’s an introvert fighting to merge with inner peace without being judged!

Here’s a quiz to help us figure out our true selves:

The real fun begins when we share our scores!
Mine -> 35% Extrovert...!!!

Last weekend, i visited a small yet so great country, Luxembourg, with one of my dearest friends Geeta.

Our train journey started at 6 in the morning with the countryside mesmerizing us with a lot many rolling vineyards, medieval castles, beautiful lush green pastures and placid rivers in between..

Our first delightful site on the way was the PONT ADOLPHE, the first bridge made of natural stone with such a large span (84 m), built at the beginning of the 20th century, on a steep-walled sandstone rock and spans two little rivers, the Alzette and the Pétrusse...Guess my frd Sandy from civil background, is surely gonna like this!

The word Luxembourg means little fortress. The fortifications and the historically impressive old Town enjoy international reputation, in 1994 UNESCO listed them as World Heritage.
It was really soothing to visit a country having the largest proportion of the people who are satisfied with their living conditions…

We took the capital city tour twice in a hop on and hop off open-top, double decker bus having audio commentary, to have a glimpse of all the major attractions ..!

For those who believe in investing their money (…not for me, i am often hardly left with any…), Luxembourg may be a good option. It offers relatively lower taxes to non-residents and foreign companies, besides being at the crossroad between the French and the German states.

Probably that’s the reason why India’s big shot Lakshmi Mittal, acquired one of the largest steel manufacturers headquartered in Luxembourg, "Arcelor" to give rise to "Arcelor-Mittal", the largest steelmakers in the world.

The multi-cultural environment here is bursting with opportunities.
The visitor has a lot to appreciate in the classic as well as the contemporary arts section.

It also happens to be one of the headquarters of the European Union, the other two being Strasbourg and Brussels.

My friend Geeta, has deep regards for Gen. George S. Patton, famous tank commander of World War II. Patton is also known as a great romantic poet, he used to read the Bible daily and believed in re-incarnation.

We visited the American Military Cemetery in Luxembourg, where more than 5000 American soldiers including the General are buried.

One of the caretakers there told us that after the popularity of the Hollywood movie, "Patton", a lot of Chinese tourists often visit the memorial, but unfortunately hardly any Indian could be seen there. Geeta really believes that perhaps we’re the first Indians to visit the Patton memorial.

Surprisingly, this highly industrialized and export-intensive country has no navy or air force, just the Army.
Somehow, we felt there a world-wide deep respect and regard for the Indian Army…
For my tolerant friends, who’ve managed to accompany me till this point, I’ve the Luxembourg’s National Anthem for them, translated in English:

Where the Alzette slowly flows,
The Sura plays wild pranks,

Where fragrant vineyards amply grow
On the Mosella's banks;

There lies the land for which we would
Dare everything down here,

Our own, our native land which ranks
Deeply in our hearts.

Our own, our native land which ranks
Deeply in our hearts...

O Thou above whose powerful hand
Makes States or lays them low,

Protect this Luxembourger land
From foreign yoke and woe.
Your spirit of liberty bestow
On us now as of yore.

Let Freedom's sun in glory glow
For now and evermore.

Let Freedom's sun in glory glow
For now and evermore…..


Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for the English translation.
It is interesting, and Indian admiring Patton!

Mukul said...

Hey Pooja, nice post once again! So all packed for india. Could you post some more snaps of Luxembourg,I really like those castles that is something I dont get to see here. oh and my score came to be "Extrovertedness: 70%" :).

Sandy said...

Nice post, quite informative! I just knew of Luxembourg for Arcelor ;)

The snaps look real cool and inviting specially the bridge with flora all over. The civil engr. in me can't resist such marvelous structures :)

Have a great weekend and the next 11 days!

Jas said...

Guess inside every introvert, there’s an extrovert fighting to move out and be appreciated,
just like inside every extrovert, there’s an introvert fighting tomerge with inner peace without being judged!

- Pooja, April 16th 2008 :)

wisdom gurl wisdom! its been exactly 10 yrs of knowing you, and u still amaze me as you did in that classroom of KD sir!! great going Pooja!

And I sure loved the writeup on Luxembourg (loo-xem-burgh :P), but then maybe its more because its soon going to be an year that I stayed there in Europe, and I surely miss it and my friends there!!

Bhaiyyu said...

Yup, Luxembourg happens to be a big name in financial world. In fact its number 1 in Bonds issued if i remember correctly.

Sara said...

Europe is amazing..pristine and beautiful.I've myself seen just a little bit of it... and your posts, the beautiful pictures are so tempting, that I want to go down there again,today!!

Anonymous said...

Hello All,

I am a friend to Pooja who has kept you all mesmerised with her wonderful write up on places visited by us. And I ofcourse want to thank Rita Vernoy (aka Jungle Mom) for appreciating us to have visted Patton. Patton is deeply respected by many people like me in India and his movie has hold a great impact on me especially since he empitomises "a man who has thoughts is a Man of Action", and when you have such heroes then they cross all boundaries and become inspiration to many people all over the world.
May the youngsters know about such heroes and value the sense of freedom and happiness all over the world.

Jas said...

I see so many ppl but then where is Pooja ! :P

pilot-pooja said...

Hi Jassi & a Warm Welcome everyone..

Thanks a ton for giving value to my post....

I m extremely sorry for not being able to visit my dear friends posts and reply to their valuable comments..

Just 7 days to leave Düsseldorf...and i am overflooded with work......((

Will be back in full swing after another 7 days.....

Will surely be back to pour in my thoughts in everyone's mind blowing posts...


pilot-pooja said...

Thanks for ur motivation dear Jungle Mom..

After a visit to the memorial, my respect for Patton has increased manyfold..!

pilot-pooja said...

Hey my great extrovert frd Mukul..

70% is too much..great going..You are a true pecobian..Must be having a lot of frds, i m sure!!

So sorry for the pics, we had some problem with the SD card..All these pics i downlaoded from the net..
Really sorry!
Ur new playlist on ur blog has some wonderful old melodies!

pilot-pooja said...

Thank you so much Sandy, Jassi, Varun & Sara..
The very fact that you liked this post and gave your quality time in reading it, inspires me a lot!!

And many many thanks Geeta dear, not only for ur wonderful company, but for helping me know a great warrior Patton!
God bless all the great souls we visited in the great cemetry!

Mukul said...

thanks a lot pooja !...Well actually I don't have many friends,but I do stick to the few I have, spend over an hour daily talking to them, makes you want to go back to Delhi.

pilot-pooja said...

Thats really great to know Mukul..

Had read once, if you have 5 best frds whom you can completely rely upon before you die...then you have really lived your life very well!