Saturday, May 03, 2008

Heathrow T5

All good things must come to an end..a happy end...otherwise they say it is not the end..!

All my farewell parties in Germany remind me of the heart-rending associations the last year brought to me..

Everything happens for a reason,

in an amazing season,

To end a sub-conscious confusion,

leading to a soothing precision.

I opted for London to enjoy my last vacation in Europe for this year..

Chocolates, good food, IPL, movies, thoughtful reading material, music, chit chat with cousin's toddlers is keeping me occupied these days..

My mind is currently sprinkled with layers of caramel, nuts, fruits, fudge....oops...i was talking of my books i 'm reading these days...)

In a few days time, i'll be back to the same old pressures:

Project deadlines, office environment, all kinds of pollution, social get-togethers, electricity cuts, safety on roads, temperatures crossing 40'c, trying hard to remember routes while driving, filing tax returns, on-time submission of mobile, water, electricity bills...and probably much more...

But even then i'm excited to be back to my India, the place i belong to...For the love of my motherland, my family, my friends gives me an identity..something that i really look for!

I had promised my blogging friend, dear Jungle Mom to capture some golden moments defining my India!

Here are some videos available on net, that i would love to share:

1. The caller tunes by mobile service providers:

2. World's one of the tallest statues, currently under construction in Bihar:

3. Advertisement by the leaders in detergents, Surf Excel:

4. The Rich Heritage of India:

5. Rising Industrialism in India:

6. Indians welcome guests like their God:

Ever since Heathrow's terminal 5 was inaugurated by the Queen on 27th March, i had been all time excited to know more about it.

I recently travelled to London by British Airways and realized that it takes much more than a welcoming host at the check-in counter to have a feel of the comfortable journey ahead.
HSBC has taken most of the advertising space, BA has exclusive rights for this terminal, the connectivity to the city for accessing metros is currently via the other terminal T3, but T5 is conveniently connected to the other terminals.
The duty free counters are available for both the departing and arriving passengers.
The immigration check maintains sufficient counters to avoid long queues.
The baggage re-claim facility is also brilliantly implemented.
I guess in my flight i was the only Indian flying from Duesseldorf to London, and the crew was quite rude. But inside the terminal, i dint come across any unfriendly gesture.
Till date, this is the best airport i've ever visited.
For those who want to understand the basics of the architecture of the airport, visit the link:
Please share your ratings for the best airports visited by you, if possible the reasons why you like them!
Merry May!
May the blessings of Mother Mary take away all your afflictions and grant you Happiness!!!


Jungle Mom said...

Due to travels I have not been by for awhile, so I just discovered this, thanks, dear.

Pilot-Pooja said...

You're always welcome dear Jungle Mom!

Hope you like the videos!!

Sara said...

I missed this one Pooja.Lovely picture of the ocean..and loved the line 'All good things come to an end' is so always leaves me yearning.

Pilot-Pooja said...

Thank you so much Sara!!!

Felt so happy to write smthing that brought a smile on your face ...(:-))