Sunday, June 07, 2009

Welcome to Life!

A beautiful day, a magnanimous smile,
A tender heart with melancholy voice

With you in my womb, we felt both heaven and pride,
God gifted us happiness, we can forever in rejoice

Those moments of happiness and pain, closely monitored by the Divine,
Hoping we all share shining friendship for a lifetime

All those mood swings we experienced, brought us closer to life,
Hope you bring cheers to those waiting for their luck to shine

At times when shuddered with pain, quite unbearable and wide,
You reminded me of strength, our mothers bore in a similar stride

Today i tie your shoe laces, hoping tomorrow you won't mind tying mine,
For in you we pine all our hopes, striving hard to reach unimaginable miles

With hands wide open, we look forward to moments pleasant and ripe,
Your budding Parents welcome you to another era called life!


Though a little late; i dedicate this poem to the noor of my eyes-

my sister and brother-in-law and their 8 month old shining pari whom i have not met for quite a while!


Anonymous said...

hi Pooja,

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a blogger friend

Neera said...

My Loveliest Mausi,

Thanks for writing such a beautiful poem to welcome me to this world. Your love for me is so lovely and I wish to meet you and play with you.


Sandy said...


Jas said...

it was a lovely poem Pooja, the feelings were wonderful!

Amita..... said...

Very nice poem Pooja!!

And belated Conratulations to your sister and her family :)

Keep writing!!

Happiness Always,

Sara said...

Very beautiful...and hard to believe its coming from a person who is not a parent herself!!