Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Unwanted Lava

The lava of heart, the lava of mind,
Brings me near to the blatancy of current life
Lava when out, brings inside peace
Let me explore the beauty underneath
Lava is poison, lava is hatred,
A by-product of my ego clashed on every tweed
Let the late(r)al thinking give lava a meaning new,
Wondering where is the beautiful la(r)va, known as offspring of butterfly gone?
Love for Larva, love for life,
Need to re-install a feeling of mesmerizing delight in every little thing my eyes find,
For in a lava i see no hope of pejoratives getting resolved,
But in a larva, i see nature rejuvenating with every monsoon brought !

Another thanksgiving to Ayn Rand for gifting mankind "The FOUNTAINHEAD"

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