Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Durga Puja!

Mom says She cares for all,
I wonder if i deserve to be in the list of Her cherished all

Mom says pray to Her so that you never fall,
I feel i may be too selfish wishing without hard work not to fall

Mom says She is an epitome of love,
I apprehend am i really worthy of Her love

Mom says She has abundance of amazing power,
I fear i may misuse later Her gifted power

Mom says attaining perfection is a continuous affair,
I agree i have never accomplished anything completely fair

Mom believes Maa Durga's heart beats for all in every sphere,
I believe in Mom as in her ever loving lap i feel my sphere

Oh Maa Durga, my billion obeisance to You,
You are my source, You are my strength

This Year's Durga Puja let me take a vow,
I'll try my best to bring happiness in the lives of a many loved by You!

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