Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Third Level

I have just finished a scientifc fantasy "The Third Level" by Jack Finney.

I read from net that Jack Finney loves to escape the reality with al his thrillers. For me writing such a masterpiece would be something extremely tough to achieve; coupled with the insight one gathers from his hobbies and surroundings . After reading this story i m a little excited to know if a third level actually exists on the grand Central New York railway station and what a wonderful place Galesburg could be with its big old frame houses?

I also read a political satire "The Tiger King" by Kalki. It tries to explain how a man full of courage and great physical strength had to ultimatley bow to the nets of destiny. It also reflects of the great pleasures tasted by Maharajas in wildlife hunting. Book from which i read this story emphasized that we need a new system for the age of ecology - a system which is embedded in the care of all people and also in the care of the earth and all life upon it.

Another good reading experience was "Should Wizard hit Mommy" by John Updike. It is about a child participating in the construction of a story by her father and raises issues regarding paternal prejudices foisted on children. It brings to light how child's perspective on life differs from his parents while he/she is growing up.

And the last to mention for the day and the one i liked the most out of these 4 is a play "On the face of it" by Susan Hill. It captures the accidental conversation between an adolescent boy whose face is half burnt with an old man who lost one of his legs in world war. While the former hates the world for throwing on him nothing more than contempt for his scar on the face, the latter is full of positvity and acceptance about any kind of physical impairment one can have in life for it is the thought in our mind that controls our action and not vice versa.

I just loved the play and i am all thankful to the book "Vistas" published by NCERT for the benefit of naive people like me who find a real big world during their rare holidays in these short stories !

Happy October!

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