Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All My Life

A picture green, with swinging leaves,
...is that all i've to see all my life`
A platinum bright, polished tight,
...is that all i've to dream all my life`
An onsite flight, served vegetarian diet,
...is that all i've to work for all my life`
A home clean, no cockroach seen,
...is that all i've to stay in all my life`
Oh my life, give me puzzling sights,
Throw on me the beautiful light coming from moonlight
Let me be swayed by winds to miles unseen abiding nobody in its stride,
Let me discover who am I
With so many masks that i everyday breathe,
My originality cut everyday with so many social knives
Oh dear life, please dont go away,
Let me touch you with my arms wide lay
All my life i wish to discover a new me,
Novelty is the only thing bringing out the best in me``


indra said...

This is some good stuff here. Nice one Pooja.

Soulmate said...

so simple but so beautifully put across...