Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Un-Innovative Mind

An Un-innovative mind i am, my officemates often make me feel,
All the office puzzles i solve, never right to them anytime appeal

Working from nine to nine, my mind feels no fun,
A life monotonous and dull, i myself choose everday for work

They say lucky i am immense, to be working with people such brilliant and smart,
Only in their company i can, learn how to sharpen my mind so dull and un-smart

My boss says all my thoughts look confusing,

When these thoughts mapped to action, every output gets confusing

At night when i open my blog, a big question mark falls on my head?
"A Genius", friends called me for my post, who is correct: officemates or friends

My friends strongly feel its time for me to quit,
Quit for something that makes me special high degree feel

I feel everywhere is but a self-chosen rat race,
There's only one way to solve this ubiquitous case

Lets others' turbulences bring no harm to my inner peace,
My own inner voice ought to shut all external doors whenever goodness happens to cease


Sunil said...


Your friends and right and your officemates are wrong. You have a very imaginative mind and you are brilliant!

Even Milie thinks so!


Pilot-Pooja said...

Hey Jiju,

What a pleasant surprise,
Hearing so nice words from your side!
Needless to say,
You made my day!!


indra said...

You already know, ppl like boss/managers are the one who have gone through commando training. You say 2+2=4, they will come up and say, "Actual answer is 8.25, because given the market facts and client mentality these days" :). You should ignore them and stick to last lines of your poem. Few ppl in this world have gone through life without being result oriented and succesfully achieved a contented life. No manager mentors for a better human.
All the best to you!

Man said...

Don't care what others think. In my opinion u r just so brilliant. Office work is not everything. Extra curricular activities are more important. Nobody is aware of the fact that u r just so brilliant writer.

U blog on weekdays also. Am surprised.

Please excuse me from other office mates. I don't think like them.


Mukul said...

Looks like a bad day at work....never mind....I think your friends would know you better than your office buddies (or boss) cheer up !!

Sandy said...

The crux of all :: friends always suggest better ;) so go for it :)

Amita..... said...

Dear Pooja,

I guess everyone of us goes through the phase where we start to doubt our abilities and end up only hurting ourselves. Unfortunately, in this world not always people are fair and considerate to others. And sometimes some people are just mean and self-centered and they do make make others lives terrible. In all these cases, I think one should never loose the self-confidence! I know it is difficult but I am sure that you can do it -- always believe in yourself :)

Happiness Always!