Thursday, January 21, 2010


To share a feeling, to live a life
To give others a smile, not fake but live,

To hear some applause, at times not meant to be yours,
To understand other's mind, not to justify every negative vibe,

To decode some words, not so crisp as thought,
To decide all possible choice, none appears completely suffice

To live a life, as dreamt every night,
I wish to burn only limited midnight oil,

Even if success does not appear as estimated in other's mind,
I am very happy to see myself listening to my heart with my joy count turning wide!


Prashant said...

Good thought and very well composed...keep it up pooja.

Amita..... said...

Dear Pooja,

Such a beautiful composition!

Very true, innocent and yet determined and wise perspective of living a life!!

Way to go !!!

Happiness Always

Pilot-Pooja said...

Thanks a lot Prashant and Amita; With 3 comments from my blogging friends, i too feel this is a good composition now!

sara said...

Listened to your heart,thats what you've done when writing this one...keep it up girl!!

Anonymous said...

It's time for you should publish your poetry!