Tuesday, January 05, 2010


A cherished gift from a family friend, Illustrated Oxford Dictionary explains 5 letter word river as a copious natural stream of water flowing in a channel to the sea or a lake.
Its illustration mentions that at its source, a river is usually steep, eroding downwards to cut deep valleys and georges. Rapids and waterfalls may form where the river flows from hard to softer rock.
As it looses its steep gradient, the river slows down and deposits slit; sideways erosion increases and the river begins to meander, forming a flood plain.Strong erosion in tight meanders can cut off sections, forming oxbow lakes.
Gorges n valleys, i wish myself to be in,
A self-governing thought structure, i strive to dwell in,
A heart full of love, no malice ever letting in,
The biggest art of God, isnt that nature we freely stay in,
Some dew drops i just saw, 2010 wave just flew in,
Welcome Change, welcome love; the blue sky just cleared above me!
A river of happiness i wish this year flowing in,
I wish the best for everyone as we together in a new venture strive in!
Happy 2010!!

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Amita..... said...

Dear Pooja,

Wish you all the good luck for your 2010 resolutions!!

Happiness Always