Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Snow

Snow there and rain here
Brought many together with a sense of one

My darling niece sat away from the entrance floor,
Thinking her Mom wont drop her early morning to the boring creche so near

My sister poured in some hot coffee in shining pantry mugs,
Smiling today got a chance to spend some life away from office fear.

My brother-in-law's joy knew no bounds,
Yummy hot cakes together they enjoyed before weekend magic could start in real

The lovely puppy got more hours to sleep,
Atleast today it could rest without thinking of last burglary's sweep

Their nears and dears too had a great time in rain,
North India witnessed cheer in every whisper of wet air

I wish this moment stays a little more,
Brings everyone joy as recession no more fills any eye with tear.

Thankyou nature for being so vivid,
Your rainbow of love for sure covers every month of the year!

Goodbye to draught,
goodbye to flood,
May survival be only for the lucky polymers of H20
where all the unhappy moments bidden forever adieu^


Neera said...

This is the loveliest of all the poems I have ever read! Very nicely written.


Pilot-Pooja said...

With a billion lucky drops,

I take your wishes duly loving,

A family so loving i got as a gift,

May every blog post make you this much feel :-)

Sandy said...

Brilliant poem, and an equally brilliant comment. You have matched the magic of the aura weaved by the Numen. And defeating me in flat 20 days, makes me bow to your skills. Way to go, Pooja!

Amita..... said...

Such a lovely composition Pooja!

Ooooo, me too want a vacation now :)


Pilot-Pooja said...

Thanks a lot Sandy and Amy!
I guess the rhyming quotient is just too low;

i fear this poem may be not upto the standards i had learnt from poems i have read earlier!

Infact to me the ideas are good but it does not look like a poem to me