Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Human Mind

Many biological systems wait for its signal
To move its tiny finger or to uncurl a wrinkle

Gossips of egoistic souls too driven by this mind
Its every little cell works with miniature speed of light

Touch, Love, hate, cuddle or disguise
All these are but byproducts of this very mind

How different or alike two living entities can think
Depending on the ratios of their individual organic feed

No big magic this human mind looks to me
Centuries of evolution should've rather brought more science on this gigantic human fleet

Billions of disaster often with great discoveries it brings
Can this human mind be ever programmed for complete betterment of thee

Thousands of cringing emotions i daily see crossing me
Making me completely unworthy of the electronics degree my college gifted me
Not that i do nothing productive to make my company succeed

But in this professional camouflage i fear,
My neurological cells emptied deep within


Amita..... said...

Thought provoking!

Not sure, why this sad ending to the composition :(

Talk to you later...

MasterYoda said...

Nice posts...you are wasting your time in Aricent :D

Anonymous said...

Nice poem.