Saturday, May 08, 2010

Crimson Light

Crimson light, appearing bright,
Another fodder for my blogging delight

Giving me clues, along some respite
Wondering my color index not gone any blind?

Reading Oxford, searching clues wor(l)dwide,
My cherished dreams seeking wisdom of light

Mini -Mega versions, my friends day and night
Oxford Dictionaries on my heart ruling since long time

Rosemary shrubs, incumbent strides,
The Lord of The Rings reflects Tolkien's imaginative mind

-Dedicated to >J.R.R. Tolkien
                      >Oxford English Dictionary ( For helping me understand LOTR)


MasterYoda said...

:)...reminds me of the days wen I read the book...back then i was kinda authority on the subject :D..who's ur fav. character?

Pilot-Pooja said...

The Hobbit Sam