Saturday, June 19, 2010

Salute To Lata Ji!

Catching my blog after so long! Office life had been keeping me exponentialy busy.
Dynamic environment and exciting work profile are i guess the two most important ingredients that i have started feeling are quite missing in my office ever since i came back from Duesseldorf.

These days i wish to change my environment completely.Either by entering a new stage of life or if that is not in our hands, atleast a vibrant office life!

My Mom Dad have given me a great surprise a week back, something i cherished quite a lot to accomplish in my childhood. I am visiting the holy abode of Lord Shiva and Lordess Parvati, Yes you guessed it right, Shri Amarnath Ji in the coming month!

I pray to Almighty to imbibe in me the best of spirit and health so that i value every living entity around me to the fullest! I also wish to thank God immensely for gifting me so wonderful friends and family members!
I also wish to get married this year; lets see what i have in store for me this year; i dedicate this song to the guy though unknown to me but in whose hand my Mom-Dad feel happy giving mine!

Tere Liye palkon ke jhalar bunno!

Needless to say, Lata Mangeshkar's magical voice rocks!


Sara said...

Beautiful song and a beautiful thought...he'll be a lucky man!

Mukul said...

hey ,are you planning to trek to amarnath ? the thought itself must be very rejuvenating