Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Had to describe myself short on FB

A soul spreading love,
wishes to meet angels of dove,

Dreams a billion rising, she wishes to fly up and up.

Walking through horizons, she stumbled ignoring a silly mud..

I wish her luck; when my morning mirror gives a chance to meet her up!


pensieve said...

Hey Pooja,

Nice one.. saying everything in 4 lines :)

(hope u rememmmber me)

P.S. Never knew aapki english (esp vocab) itni acchi hai....

Sara said...

Great work Pooja...a very endearing and concise 5 lines.Sorry haven't been keeping up with reading my fav blogs for sometime :(

Pilot-Pooja said...

Thanks a lot Rupesh n Sara, even i am too loaded with daily life; wish to catch up with your blogs soon!

Anuj said...

Excellent words to describe oneself ....