Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Close to A Lakh

Starting Aug, 2010 i have donated 97600 grains of rice to the hungry via WFP using portal.

In a day or two, i would be crossing 100000 border, pretty excited...hurrah! website has a big role in this success :)

Some tough words witnessed for the day are as follow:

1. lanceolate: Tapering from a rounded base toward an apex; lance-shaped

2. bongo: A large, forest-dwelling antelope (Boocercus eurycerus) of central Africa, having a reddish-brown coat with white stripes and spirally twisted horns

3. palaver: 

         a. Idle chatter.
b. Talk intended to charm or beguile

4. ort: tiny scrap

5. titutal: nominal

6. lenitive: soothing

7. jactitation: false boasting

8. supercilium: eyebrow

9. deracinate: uproot

10. wonted: accustomed, usual

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