Monday, November 22, 2010

Sports in India

1. Norman G. Pritchard, an Anglo -Indian athlete from Calcutta, was the first Indian to take part in Olympic Games.

2. India made its official debut in the Antwerp Olympics in Belgium in 1920.

3. PT Usha became first Indian lady to enter the finals of any olympic event.

4. Leander Paes was the first Indian to win Junior US Open Title.

5.  Leander Paes won a bronze medal for India at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

6. Parimarjan Negi is the youngest Grandmaster in India.

7. Parimarjan Negi also holds the record for being the world's youngest International Master.

8. Vishwanath Anand is India's first Grandmaster.

9. First Olympic Gold Medal won by India was in 1928 Olympics in hockey.

10. P.T. Usha was nicknamed as Payyoli Express.

11. Ramanathan Krishnan, is the first Indian to win Wimbledon Junior Singles title.

12. Prakash Padukone is the first Indian to win All England Badminton Championship.

13. Anju Bobby George entered the finals of Women Long Jump at 2004 Athens Olympics.

14. Anju Bobby George is the first Indian athlete to win a medal in World Athletics Championship.

15. Milkha Singh was the first Indian athlete to reach Olympic finals.


aishril said...

i remember watching an Indian film on Malaysian TV way back in the 90s about a journey of a girl who became a notable sprinter in the country.

and if my memory not mistaken, there’s a scene taken from actual Olympic games showing her running at the final.

i don’t recall is it tamil film, or dubbed into tamil from other langguage (malayalam perhaps).

so i believe it is a film about P.T Usha. can anyone help me with the title? Wiki don’t hv the details about P.T. Usha in popular culture.

p/s: there is a scene in the film showing her rival put broken glasses into her running shoes.. she still won the race with her feet bleeding.

Pilot-Pooja said...

I am sorry Aishril, haven't come across any such video.

Will surely revert back if happen to visit it.

Good Luck!

sandy said...

How can one miss hockey when talking of Sports in India :)

The Indian hockey team is the first non-European team to be a part of the International Hockey Federation.

In 1928, the team won its first Olympic gold medal and until 1956, the Indian men's team remained unbeaten in the Olympics, winning six gold medals in a row. In total, the Indian hockey team has won eight Olympics gold medals — the highest among all national teams.