Sunday, April 08, 2007

A weird Thought @ Direct Current

While i was taking a nap today, a weird thought passed my mind..

How good it would be if human beings had a relay by which they had the discretion to pass direct current in their body..or in other words, if this human body becomes a good conductor of D.C.!

then i wld have my music juke box and my wrist watch as plug-ins on my forehead...they wld take current from my mind to operate..and hence i wld be able to save my expenditue on batteries, electricity bill and what not!!!

and if an average mind becomes as sharp as Einstein, then that wld cut short so much of our expenditure..

since IQ of the mind in that case would be directly proportional to the Direct current produced by it!!
hey hey..quite weird..

and guess what, if this electric discharge from our mind wld be sufficient to charge our 2-4 wheelers, we can save our expenditures on petrol also..
Then my India wld be called a rich nation as well..

well, this thought is not that weird..

Infact, I had heard such news on some news channel a few months back..that a man was able to pass sufficient amt of dc thru his body..

if this works, then probably the list of gadgets i cld have as plug-ins, is endless..
but i know this is just a weird substance in it..


Danke for reading it !!

well, you thought it was weird..

2 years back, i had read a proposal where elecricity can be passed through VOIP..

just like, now we make voice calls through VOIP ( voice over internet protocol), in times to come, we willl be able to pass elctricity thru internet protocol...

an i am sure this will happen one day!

I don't have that link with me right now, but even this cld give a rough idea!

or in simple terms, see we already have wireless transmission..... all TCP/IP UDP protocols...

electricity is again a form of energy only!
if we are able to transmit these electro-mgnetic waves safely thru TCP/IP ..then we can save millions..

But yes we have to think of so many i can think of is interference of all these frequency signals..
may be the next agenda of FMC ( fixed mobile convergence)..cld be electricity over IP..

well, here i stop, bfr this thought gives rise to another..

Good Day!


Amit Mittal said...

Hmmm...It's not about if we can do it or's about do we need it or not and anyway sending electricity in IP packets...I wonder it would be a good idea..just think of your tube light ...although sending information thorugh electricity surly sounds interesting...any takers..:-)

pilot-pooja said...

I surely take it!!!

vice versa looks much better:--

information thru electricity..
electrcity thru information..

Hey Newton, Archimedes, Einstein..anybody listening!

Amit Mittal said...

Did you call me...:-)

Amit Mittal said...

n imagine, if we can send information at such a high voltage...just think of SNR ratio...oh cmon...i shdn't make this to be a grt invention so public, i mean who knows, it can bring me a Nobel :-)