Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Joy with ignorance,
Joy with pride.

Joy meeting with strangers,
Joy mixing in my every spice.

Joy in sun,
Joy in rain,
Joy talking to people
Joy decoding logic of brain

Joy moving down the stairs,
Joy while crying in pain

Joy searching coding clues
Joy meeting old friends

Joy accepting my worth
Joy reminiscing of my silly heart

Joy listening to FM
Joy washing my clothes

Little joys seem to have entered my life,
Wonder for how long it will sustain?


Ankur Gupta said...


Hope your little joy turns into big one and remains forever !!

And I think you missed this one "Joy in Blogging"...right ?

Best Regards,
Ankur Gupta.

PS: While leaving the above comment...the word verification was "junit".... techie word for Software Engineer's Blog. Blogspot is really getting intelligent.

Sorcerer said...

nice...simple and sweet

Amita..... said...

Very cute :))

Keep smiling, be happy :))


Pilot-Pooja said...

Thank you so much Friends!

Surely Ankur, i missed the joy in blogging and also the joy in being appreciated by friends!

Pilot-Pooja said...

Hey Ankur thanks, you made me learn a new word junit-SW engineer blog