Friday, March 26, 2010


In search for an invisible light,
feels disillusioned the man tonight,

Claiming today as perfectly bad,
feels happy when someone dear passes a smile,

Unaware of the stranger's mysteries,
Jaws take a happy sigh,

Calling for a mechanic,
who could pull up some of the old jerks right,

Oh dear friend i wish you were a little more wise,
In this anticipation of some positive light,

I hope you remember bright,
With all your mercy personified,

Your elegant strangers may be taking things by their stride,
They will leave, giving you only tears to wipe.

Not that i fear struggles may run a longer while,
I fear you may never know stranger's true selfish side

To be selfish is not completely vice,
when we are made to forget conditioned with plight,

how our mother cried for her babies day and night
how a freedom fighter never got justice when buried alive


Ankur Gupta said...

Software Engineer posting on mechanic.....lovely !!

Pilot-Pooja said...

Ankur, you are not blogging these days!

Ankur Gupta said...

yeah Pooja..

Weekdays/Weekends are going busy...Feb I was traveling...and then got engaged in mission critical project with strict deadlines....n moreover personal @ home (cooking, etc).. all these are not letting me to blog...but ll be back very soon...

Best Regards,
Ankur Gupta.